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"Adelaide You're A Lady"
"The Spirit Of South Australia"
"Love Is Timeless"

"Hello, How Are You Robe?"

Popular ABC Adelaide Radio 891 evening presenter, Peter Goers, has developed what was a fairly routine and tedious South Australian weather announcement into a very entertaining segment, with various common mispronunciations, additions, and colourful phrases to make each place name unique. Sandi has put it all to words and music, using Peter’s take on the beach resort of Robe as the song title.

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         Welcome to my home page! This comes to you all the way from Adelaide, Australia, a city which is world-renowned for its Festival of Arts every two years.
Born into a musical family, I began piano lessons at the age of 4, and have never stopped playing since! Playing for school choirs at primary school, and for musicals at high school and university, somewhere along the way I began to sing as well as play. A part time hobby grew into a  full time job (and life style) as I took my piano bar entertainment to the world in the 80s.

          What can you expect? A little of everything from slow to rocky from the 20th century, and some classical too. That's also how I compose music, and teach piano and keyboard too. And along the way I have happily become and unofficial ambassador for the beautiful city of Adelaide with my composition Adelaide You're A Lady. Now, with my new compositions The Spirit of South Australia and The Sea Dragon Coast, I can also promote the varied and exiting beauties of the state of South Australia, of which Adelaide is the capital city.

The most inspiring and dynamically positive person I have ever had the good fortune to know……
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