People's Opinion: 


Michael Caine
"Let us know where your next job is. We would like to follow you all over London!"

David Sabine"I have worked with many international artists – Sandi’s unique earthy voice and natural warmth endear her to any audience."
DAVID SABINE Radio 5DN Adelaide 1994

Sir Harry Secombe
"ADELAIDE YOU’RE A LADY…… What a lovely song!"

"Touch of class at (Cyprus) Hilton…… Sandi’s rich voice reminds me a little of Marti Webb and the songs on this excellent debut (album) are all potential hits."
JOHN VICKERS Cyprus Weekly 1984

"Thanks for a great rendition of my father’s song."
TIM CHARLES son of HUGH composer of WE’LL MEET AGAIN Adelaide 1991
Sallyanne Atkinson
"ADELAIDE YOU’RE A LADY…… The lyrics of the title song are great. I can also picture Brisbane as the subject of the song."
SALLYANNE ATKINSON Brisbane Lord Mayor 1990

Telly Savalas"At the Bombay Brasserie (London’s haunt of the great and famous)…… Telly Savalas halted midway through the vindaloo to give his undivided attention to Sandi singing NEVER ON SUNDAY in Greek – ‘Well that’s talent.’ "
SAM MAGAZINE Adelaide 1985

"Amongst the thousands of expatriates living in Cairo, the big showbiz hit is Adelaide singer Sandi McMenamin. At the magnificent Nile Hilton Hotel the dark haired Aussie singer/pianist holds court to a full house seven nights a week."
Diana BeerDAVID BAKER The Australasian Post 1987

"Sandi even had people crying with her sentimental singing (in Japan). And it’s not easy creating a nightclub atmosphere in a concert hall."
DIANE BEER The News Adelaide 1989